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               FACING FORECLOSURE?


                                          NO PROBLEM.


Too many bills is not a problem.  Not knowing what to do about them is a problem.  That's where we can help.  Unless you plan on winning the lottery, you need to know your options. We offer a free meeting to discuss your situation and review your options.  Contact us today to get started.

It's free. There's no obligation. You have nothing to lose.


Your bills are getting out of control, or maybe you're facing foreclosure.  You're sick of the collection calls and threats of law suits.  Your credit rating has bottomed out.  And, you can hit the lottery no matter how many time you try.  You're scouring the internet for answers. You don't want to hire, or even speak to, an Attorney (no one does), but you may have to.  You can't tell a good Attorney from a bad one.  You don't want to spend a just need help.


STOP!  That's right...STOP!  You can stop looking.  You've found what you were looking for.  You can stop wondering - we will answer your questions.  You can stop worrying - we can help you. There is no cost or obligation to speak with one of our experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys about your situation.  Just pick up the phone, call (603) 225-1114, and say, "I need to speak with a BankruptcyAttorney."  It's that easy.


There is only one way to respond when faced with a financial challenge; take action and explore your options. Delaying, ignoring the situation, or doing nothing will only make your situation worse and may result in additional and costly financial expenses that could have been avoided in the first place with early professional consultation.


There are a lot of "bankruptcy" attorneys out there, but don’t be fooled. There are many recent law school graduates and other inexperienced attorneys switching to the Bankruptcy field due to changes in the economy. Bankruptcy is a complex area of law that requires specific legal knowledge and experience. This is not for a rookie Attorney.


FAMILYLEGAL is the largest consumer Bankruptcy filing Law Firm in New Hampshire. Over the years, our Attorneys have handled THOUSANDS of Bankruptcy cases and have eliminated over $250 MILLION in debt for our clients.  What other New Hampshire Bankruptcy Law Firm can make those claims?  


Nobody knows more about the effects of this economy's downturn more than our Bankruptcy Attorneys. Our Attorneys spend every hour of their working day helping individuals, just like you, who are facing the most difficult time of their lives. We understand the changes in your life that have resulted in your search for a Bankruptcy Law Firm. We know about the job loss, the mounting credit card debt, the reduced wages, outrageous medical bills, lawsuits, wage garnishment, increased mortgage payments, and a large number of other factors that have made you consider if Bankruptcy is the right option for you.  


Our Attorneys will work to immediately eliminate your debt and get you back on your feet financially. Simply, that's what we're here to do – and we do it very well. Our job is to utilize the legal rights afforded to you under the Bankruptcy Code so that you can start with a clean financial slate and put your debt behind you once and for all.




At this point you should be ready to speak with us.  Simply pick up the phone and dial:


(603) 225-1114


If your a little shy about making the call, just fill out the form below and press "Send".  In no time a Bankruptcy Attorney will contact you to discuss your situation. It's free.  There's no obligation. You have nothing to lose.

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