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                           WHAT'S THIS COST?


Like anything else, it comes down to cost.  You're wondering if you can afford to hire an Attorney.  And, you're wondering if you can afford not to as well. Forget what you've ever heard about Attorneys.  We are different.  You can afford to work with us.  


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Well...cost is important...right?


We understand that cost is a huge concerne when dealing with an Attorney.  There's only so much water in the well....and money in your pocket.  We get it.  And, of course we can't give our services away for free either.  So, there has to be a fair compromise for both. The good news is that, due to our size, experience, superior technology capabilities, and service efficiencies, we are able to typically offer lower prices than our competition. Stop it...I know what you're thinking, "you get what you pay for." However, that's not true here at FAMILYLEGAL, there's no sacrafice in the quality of the representation or services. You will receive legal services from a highly experienced Attorney whose focussed on one thing:  You.  There's a reason we are a premier New Hampshire provider of Bankruptcy services...we care about our clients and it shows.  


There is no need to overpay for Bankruptcy services. Whether you are on a strict budget, or have the money but don't care to part with it, our reasonable fee, and payment plans, will keep more of your money in your own pocket.


Paying high hourly fees for an attorney is a thing of the past. It's outdated. It's inefficient. It's expensive. It just doesn't make sense.  Here's what makes sense: Knowing that you may be getting the best possible price for your legal services. Knowing that you're getting effective representation for an affordable price. Knowing that you have a recognized Law Firm on your side that has completed THOUSANDS of Bankruptcy cases.


Bankruptcy is a unique area of law that is done completely electronically.  As a result, we can see the fees charged by every bankruptcy attorney in the entire country. As a result, we typically price our services below the industry standards to save you money.  Additionally, we offer payment plans so you can take your time in getting us paid.'s easier and more affordable than you thought.  




Here's how it works:


Bankruptcy laws "get rid" of some debts and lower the payments on others. For most of our clients, getting rid of debt saves a ton of money every month. This adds up to hundreds and thousands of dollars in savings – month after month.


You're struggling every month to make payments towards your debts.  However, when you make the decision to file Bankruptcy, you can stop making payments on any debts that you intend to include in your Bankruptcy. As a result, you may save hundreds of dollars every month (and these debts never have to be paid back), you free up money to pay the cost of your Bankruptcy.


Example: Let's say you pay $400 per month in minimum monthly payments on your debts. Because most of the minimum payment is just the interest that becomes due every month, very little (if any) of the payment goes toward lowering your balance.  What if we showed you how you could immediately stop making these payments and use this money to fund your Bankruptcy and allow yourself a fresh financial start.  It’s easy!  Your creditors pay for your Bankruptcy.  See, we know all the tricks to save you money.

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