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Should I File Bankruptcy

New Hampshire Bankruptcy Attorneys



Are you facing foreclosure of your home? Stressed by harassing collection calls? Are you overwhelmed by how you are going to pay your bills and still pay your mounting debts? If you're reading this, you are probably wondering if Bankruptcy is right for you. At FAMILYLEGAL we can provide you with a FREE initial Bankruptcy consultation and knowledgeable assessment of your overall financial situation to help you determine if Bankruptcy is the right option for you.



The FIRST STEP is to consider the questions listed below. If you answered yes to Three (3) or more of these questions, you will probably want to move to the NEXT STEP and schedule a FREE initial Bankruptcy Consultation with one of our highly experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys. FAMILYLEGAL can help you in this situation. There is no obligation with this FREE initial Bankruptcy Consultation. By taking the NEXT STEP you simply allow our experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys the opportunity to review your current financial situation and discuss with you your possible options and answer your questions. But first, ask yourself:


  • Is your total debt over $10,000.00, not including your car or your house?

  • Are you without any savings?

  • Are you late on paying any of your monthly bills?

  • Do you have payments that are over one (1) month behind on more than one bill?

  • Do you make regular payments without your balances going down?

  • Have you tried for years to get caught up, and are now even deeper in debt?

  • Do you buy necessary items, such as food and clothing, on credit?

  • Have you considered taking out a loan to pay other loans or debts?

  • Are you receiving harassing telephone calls from creditors?

  • Have you been turned down for credit?

  • Has any creditor threatened to sue you?

  • Are you facing foreclosure of your home?

  • Have you been liquidating your retirement to pay your debts?

  • Have you thought about getting cash advances?

  • Do your debt payments account for more than 25% of your take home pay?

  • Do you owe more on your car than it is worth?

  • Have you been late on your mortgage or rent?

  • Do you pay over 20% interest on any of your debts?

  • Do you have high medical bills that are not being paid by insurance?

  • Do you feel like you will never get ahead?


If you answered yes to Three (3) or more of these questions, Bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. It's time to move to the NEXT STEP. Please DO NOT put it off any longer. Take control of your financial situation! Take control of your life! You have NOTHING to lose by moving to contacting our office, it just may be the best decision of your life.




The NEXT STEP is as easy as the FIRST STEP. Simply Contact us and complete the simple inquiry form, and one of our Bankruptcy Professionals will contact you to schedule a FREE initial Bankruptcy Consultation. There really is no obligation. You are simply allowing a professional the opportunity to review your current financial situation, look at your options, and answer your questions.


The Federal government enacted the Bankruptcy Laws to help honest people, just like you, to get out of difficult financial situations and get a fresh start in life.

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