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Modification of Child Support

New Hampshire Child Support Modification Attorneys



Financial support of a child’s changing needs and requirements is a parental responsibility that should be borne by both spouses.  A child’s well-being and safety is the most important aspect of child support – the purpose of paying any amount of money to your ex-spouse is to ensure that your children are comfortable and stable.  A child support agreement is part of the original divorce, separation, or custody proceeding that you and your ex-spouse went through.  However, sometimes financial circumstances change and the child support has to be legally modified.


If one or both parents have experienced a significant change in income, that could be grounds to change the amount of financial support that one is paying to the other.  One of the experienced Family Law Attorneys at FAMILYLEGAL can help you determine whether a change in the payment schedule is possible or necessary.  If the financial circumstance change would result in a child support amount that is a certain percentage more or less than the original agreement, the court could see fit to change the amount of child support if a request is filed by either parent.




Both parents have the right to file a request for modification of child support.  No matter if the adjustment would result in more or less of an amount paid in monetary support, either parent has the right to request the courts to review the original agreement or Order in light of new circumstances.  The process of obtaining a change on the child support agreement involves filing appropriate paperwork and petitioning the Court to review and modify the current situation. 


The experienced Child Support Attorneys at FAMILYLEGAL have dealt with countless modification requests involving child support, child custody and alimony.  We understand that your children’s well-being and happiness is the most important aspect of this entire process, and we want to make sure that your children are properly cared for and supported in every way possible.  If your financial situation or that of the other parent has changed markedly, it is important to speak with the Child Support Attorneys at FAMILYLEGAL as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities of change and review to your child support Order.


If you're facing a Child Support Modification issue, Contact us today and speak with one of our experienced Child Support Attorneys for free. With our knowledge and legal expertise, we can help you find the right child support solution for your family, at a cost you can afford.

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